Haunted by Bullies

I am haunted by a story I saw on the Today show this week about a 14-year old boy named Jamey Rodemyer from Buffalo, New York that committed suicide after being harassed by his classmates for being gay.  Just a week after they buried their son, his parents appeared on the Today show to decry bullying and to honor their son’s life. As if it weren’t shocking enough to discover him dead, their daughter went to the school’s Homecoming dance where the offending students chanted that he was … [Read more...]

Awash In Pink

The world again is awash in pink. Pink pajamas and t-shirts, pens and notepads, cups and coffee mugs, earrings and necklaces, bookmarks and backpacks.  Anything you could ever want you can now find in breast cancer pink. October used to usher in a transformation in the woods behind my house from lush shades of green to autumn’s shades of orange, burgundy, purple, and gold. Now it means everything, everywhere is pink. Even the NFL will wear breast cancer pink. As a breast cancer survivor, … [Read more...]

A few things you’ve gotta try

Bloggers love lists. So, I decided to join the list craze. Here are five things you gotta try: 1.  pinterest.com Sara introduced me to this website this summer and my life has never been the same. Okay, that's an overstatement. But, saying it's my go-to place for great ideas is 100 percent right. Really. It's a lot more fun than Facebook because you can search for what interests you. Fair warning:  it is addictive. I told my niece about it and she called me one night and said her … [Read more...]

Worth Remembering

I have mixed feelings about blogging on the topic of the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  There is such a fine line between commemorating the nation's resilience, loss of lives, and heroic responses and celebrating the success of the terrorists. I thought I would write about where I was when I heard the news, how I ran to the school to bring my children home, how the busy skies around our house were silent when air travel halted. But every time I thought about … [Read more...]

The Closeness That Does You In

This essay was published in the Johns Hopkins Mass Ave Review many years ago. I'm posting a shortened version today because it's the first day of school and in my current empty nest life, it still feels right. Through the month of August, I listened to moms count down to the first day of school.  They anticipated glorious freedom.  But when I dropped off Annie for her first day of preschool, I felt an odd sense of loss that turned into a nagging worry over everything from whether I researched … [Read more...]