Finding Your One True Calling

After Oprah’s lengthy goodbye, I debated whether to watch her last episode.  But since my daughters and I watched all the shows leading up to the finale, we felt committed. When I saw her standing on her stage for the last time looking glamorous and regal in her soft pink dress with her matching audience, I softened. Oprah’s speech was beautiful, inspiring, and delivered with her usual poise and personality.  She said, “We are all called.  Everybody has a calling and your real job in … [Read more...]

Lessons from Martha Beck

I’m sitting in the waiting room with my daughter waiting for her to be called back for surgery to repair her torn ACL.   The room is quiet except for the loud hum of a humidifier and the muttering of a woman across from me who hates to fill out forms, can’t read her husband’s illegible handwriting, doesn’t know why doctors need so much information anyway, and can’t understand why her husband always walks away from problems and can’t have a civil conversation with … [Read more...]

I’ve Moved

In my zeal to create a "writer's platform," I joined's open salon, which provides blogs for writers. I posted a few essays and shared them with several friends. My virtual mailbox quickly filled with the most interesting comments, which I loved. I learned, however, that only writers can leave comments. Since I want to share the comments I receive, and develop a relationship with my readers, I started a new blog here. I named it "Think. Feel. Write." because those three … [Read more...]

More Ideas than Time

I admire all the stellar bloggers of the world. It's not as easy as it seems. And it's not writing that's the problem. It's everything that has to happen before the writing begins! To preserve my sanity and my good standing with my family, which has grown increasingly impatient with my blogging questions, I'm forging ahead. Forget the format! I'll learn as I go. It's the words that count, right? Let the blogging begin. … [Read more...]

No Regrets

I grew up during the Feminine Mystique era when Betty Friedan wrote about unhappy housewives who wanted more from life than taking care of husbands, houses and babies. By the time I graduated from college, I knew that in my future I would “have it all” just like the feminists promised -- a balanced life with a fulfilling career and a happy family. I never pictured myself like my mother--ironing and folding clothes while watching soap operas or spending hours making homemade bread, canning … [Read more...]